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At least five years I have this website Regina's Design now. Changed a lot over the years and many site creation is added. In the summer of 2015 I make everything free even the ones I purchased. From time to time I would add graphics I purchase from these sites (often Jaguar Woman - HM Design and the Paper Shelter and Folkvanger) 

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Thank you really much for doing this for me (and for the visitors of this site)  

Some of the pictures you see I got from internet.  If you see a picture and you think you are the owner please contact me so I can remove the set or give credit to you! I linked back to the owner when I can and know.  

The websets has pictures I made or its coming from  , or golden oldies from Comtech which exist no longer,  Using now: Free Digital Photos for websites, from Josephine Wall.

I buy designs from  and from from and from Folkvanger, to create websets out of it. New is Pixabay. A lot of great pics who waits to make websets

 For Special Effects I surf to  or use some from Kurt (no longer available on internet)

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Here you see some Banners. I would really appreciate when you use this but please upload it to your own provider. Thank you for using the websets. You can save the banners with the right click