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This is a bit of boring but important! So Please give your attention to this page.

Only the graphics may be downloaded, uploaded or stored on another server.

The gifts and the websets used on this site remain the exclusive and permanent property of Regina's Design and they may not be reproduced by any method!

Please give my linkware credit on the mainpage. The linking logo must appear on the same page that the graphics appear. Link back to You will find always on a set a button for this.

The sets may not be altered in any way and that includes resizing, cutting, mixing with other sets and adding your own touch to an image like animation etc. without my specific written permission. But the sets you may give your personal touch on it! If you want to have a link to your homepage (with the basic made by me) please
mail to me

You don't have to use everything in the set, but know that no part of the set may be used with any other background sets. You dont have to use the title(s) I supply.

Please dont use that sets or part of it as stationairy or all kinds of sites. And certenly NOT used for adult content sites, as well as many sites promoting child and animal abuse, racism, pornography and other illegal activities. I really hate this.

You may not break up my sets. Everything on my sets are for that particular linkware only set. Please dont combined any other sets.

None of the sets of an artist may be used on commercial, pay or member-only sites. Also you have to link back to the artist and to

Some of the pictures you see I got from internet or its stored so long on my computer that I dont remember how I get that. So If you see a picture and you think you are the owner please contact me so I can remove the set or give credit to you! I linked back to the owner when I can and know.

The purchase sets has pictures I made or its from me or from SBOL(dutch tree foundation). I have sets made from tages I have Comtech that is no longer on the internet and from Free Digital Photo's

From Jaguar Design, Paper Shelter or from Folkvanger or HB Webdesign I bought their graphics to make websets out of it. If you want to donate to buy some gifts you can make your donation here.

Thank you for doing this!

Please link always back to the owner of the photograph and to me! 

Please do download the images to your own server or web site directory. Do not link directly to the images on this website. 

Please save your website backup save!

Note: I really love making websets. This site is now more than six years old and still growing. 

My name is Regina and beside my work as a cabdriver and living in a "crowdy" home it's not always easy to make time and peace for new creations. Often I face one of my cats on my desk.. I really love to design.

I would like some feedback and if you want to give me some you can tell your story in my Guestbook or by mail.


Thank you for visting and I hope to see you again!